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Baby Cuddles 

in partnership with

The Community Conservation Fund Africa

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In 2018 Baby Cuddles was privileged to be given the opportunity to work in partnership with the Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA), a registered NPC which is both a fundraising and grant-giving organisation, focusing on active education and empowerment in local communities.   We design and produce the CCFA animal mascots a project which has created permanent employment for women in our community of Kylemore in the Western Cape and continues to grow each year.

Our animal kingdom is expanding and we now offer Rhinos, Elephants, Bongos, Turtles, Gorillas, Penguins and Cheetahs.  Funds raised from the sale of our beautiful mascots goes towards the developed wildlife management programs that can be adopted by rural communities to empower people as individuals and to preserve both the wildlife and the viability of tourism in Africa.

To find out more about CCFA and how you can assist or purchase one of our Animal Mascots or Masks

visit them at 

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